Lagoniassa is a London born UK based lifestyle brand covering footwear, clothing and accessories.

Lagoniassa aims to become a UK centric, unisex brand with more emphasis placed on female designs. One of our main goals is to address under representation of UK lifestyle culture across the global lifestyle community.

Lagoniassa is  Art. Sneakers . Lifestyle as well as  Aspiration. Sacrifice . Living


We have a clear identity, we focus on concepts, functions and problems solving. Furthermore, we aim to bring to the forefront the underrepresented creatives in our society  as we ourselves knows what it feels like to be unrepresented.


We want to give a voice to our generation whilst inspiring others also working towards their goals.

We believe Lagoniassa is the answer to this problem. It’s about time  a brand, inspired by our culture, fashion, language, music and surroundings is created.

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