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#buyblack - Hot Girl Summer

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

by Rachael David

Some of the things I bought and wore...

Summer for me started in April. I had a month off work between contracts during which I spent some time in Nigeria. I spent some time in Abuja where I tracked down Nale Apparel's showroom and some boutiques that I never been to before. I bought a gorgeous sheer lime green shirt (which I wore on a night out a few days later in Lagos) and some pieces for work.

Me in Lagos wearing Nale Apparel shirt

Over Easter weekend I was in Lagos where I attended Arise Fashion Week, at which I saw premier labels including Rich Mnisi and Deola Sagoe showcase their latest collections. I also went to the Homecoming culture programme over the same long weekend which featured panel talks, workshops and a pop-up shop.

Naomi Campbell was hosting Arise Fashion Week this year and other global fashion figures (Edward Enninful, Andre Leon Talley, Liya Kebede amongst others) were in also attendance. It was a really exciting atmosphere, seeing showcases from well-known and established brands as well as relatively new ones such as Alhuwalia Studio.

At Homecoming pop-up I shopped for Nigerian and diaspora brands, picking up a Vivendii t-shirt and a handbag from The Vintage Smith. I attended some of the panel talks where it was good to hear from a variety of industry figures from the diaspora discussing the role African brands are playing in the global fashion scene. To the event I wore an oversized t-shirt from one of my best friends' brand, Jiro and a pair of Yeezy 500s.

Outside the Homecoming pop-up at XII Glover in Ikoyi, Lagos wearing a Jiro t-shirt and Adidas Yeezy 500 trainers

The highlight of the Summer was going to Miami for my birthday. I follow a few of the black-owned women's boutiques based there on Instagram but wasn't sure if I'd have time to go shopping (partying was my main focus for the trip) so I ordered a co-ord set I had to have before I arrived from StashHouse Miami online. I also made sure I got the key piece for my birthday outfit, a men's shirt from premier Nigerian brand Orange Culture, before I left London.

On my birthday in Miami, wearing a shirt from Orange Culture

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