SISI:#buyblack Happy Father's Day!

Something for the Baby-father or your actual father.

Father's day may come round just come around once year but it's a good opportunity to spoil the fathers in your life with a few good presents.

  1. The essential facial mask from @labrumlondon

2. Multi-pocket Safari shirt @Labrumlondon

3. King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa Picador Classic available at

4. Goodman Beard Care Capsule (Face Oil, Beard Brush and Comb) from @goodmanfactory

5. The Classic Slides from @tentoes

7. Hand-dyed reflective T-shirt from @Jiro

8. The Black Utility Combat Trouser from @Coobalondon

9. Palms Premium Arrak - 700ml available at @Boroughbox

10. and obviously a card from @Kitchnoir

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