#buyblack: Happy Independence Day

The 1st October is an important day of the year for me; both the start of Black History Month in the UK and Nigerian Independence Day.

I have quite a few cultural things planned over the month, but today I will focus on enjoying Nigerian* food and music.

Ideas for celebrating Nigerian Independence Day...

  • Eat some Nigerian food**. I'd recommend Enish (there a few around London and one in Dubai now) or 805 for more traditional fare and for a twist on Nigerian flavours Ikoyi or Stork (food I had recently pictured below; yes that is a disk of egusi soup).

  • Listen to Nigerian music; classics from Sir Shina Peters, or new classics from Davido will put you in a celebratory mood.

*I am from a Yoruba family so my view of Nigerian culture is dominated by that perspective. Nigeria has a population of ~ 200million people and hundreds of ethnic groups and languages.

**A majority of the Nigerians living in diaspora in the UK are Yoruba, so I easily find food I am familiar with in London.

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