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SISI: A New Year's Resolution from Folasade...

...and why SISÍ loves Blogger and Designer Folasade (@lovefola)

Folasade's love for African brands may be one of the reasons why you followed her on Instagram but if not, it's another reason to check out her page. She recently posted on her Instagram that she wants to transform her wardrobe by growing her collection of African brands;

“Making it my personal mission that my wardrobe is 80% clothing made in Africa or by Africans living abroad. Also, been designing my own collection that is also made in Africa. So far, I have clothes made in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria.”

Although you might have already made your new resolutions and joined the bandwagon with a renewed commitment to the gym; her resolution is definitely an admirable one to add to your list for 2019.

1. Folasade in Nale

2. Folasade in Tongoro

3. Folasade in Leyelesi

4. Folasade in Studio189

5. Folasade in Edun

6. Folasade in Edun, Ghana to the World and Leyelesi

7. Folasade in Edun

8. Folasade in Leyelesi

9. Folasade in Lovefola

10. Folasade in Edun

11. Folasade in Lovefola and Shekudo

12. Folasade in Edun

13. Folasade in Ghana to the World

Photographs: @lovefola on Instagram.

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