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SISI: 4 Uplifting Classic Scents For Your Home This Winter

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Embrace the cold winter nights with the warming scents of the Idko candles. The distinctive scented candles are handcrafted in West Africa, with oils extracted from natural ingredients. The brand is fueled by the love for art, elegance and illumination, and stands at the centre of home fragrance products innovation in Africa. Each candle is ecologically sound from the wax blend used to the packaging, which includes a signature reusable Ankara bag.

1. Rose Oud

The Rose Oud scented candle by IDKO is an oriental floral fragrance. Transform the atmosphere with luxury and opulence. Tease your senses with rose of unusual intrigue, veils of smoke and hints of wood.

2. Peony Petals

With a heart note of sweet dew pink peonies illuminated by crisp notes of luscious apples, and textural notes of black pepper to bring an alluring charm.

3. Vanilla Suede

The Vanilla Suede scented candle is a rich, creamy blend of vanilla notes layered with warm accents of suede - soothing and harmonizing yet euphoric and seductive.

4. Berries Bellini

Cocktail-inspired, the Berries Bellini scented candle combines the aroma of mixed berries with a citrusy bubbly - sparkling brut Champagne. It creates a fresh and elegant ambience in any room.

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