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SISI: 6 brands Beyoncé Wore at the 2018 Global Citizen Festival

Last year was an amazing year for African fashion and it was rounded off by Queen B showcasing some of the best designers from the continent during her visit to South Africa for the Global Citizens Festival picked by her stylist Zerina Akers.

Beyoncé posted a series of pictures from her trip to her Instagram page with a caption of appreciation to the brands;

"Thank you to the talented African designers who kept me feeling fresh. Y'all go so hard."

She didn't tag the names of the brands but in case you were wondering who they were, we have them listed below.

1. Tongoro

Beyoncé was spotted in the playful and stylish brand a few times in 2018 which appears to be one of her favourites. The clothes are made in Africa and all fabrics are sourced on the continent. The brand works with local tailors, and their first atelier is in Dakar, Senegal.

@Beyonce (Instagram)

2. Rich Mnisi

Beyoncé wore the Rhundzu blouse from the South African ready-to-wear brand. The designer said he'd dreamt of favourite icons, including Beyoncé, wearing his clothes. The brand is building up its recognition on the world stage and recently showcased at Harbin Fashion Week.

@Beyonce (Instagram)

3. Edun

Beyoncé wore the Bibi bag from ethical brand, Edun, which was founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in to promote trade in Africa. Production of the pieces centres in Kenya and Madagascar.



4. Peulh Vagabond

Beyoncé wore this Missandei Top and pants from the French/Sengalese brand that skilfully blends aesthetics and African tradition with contemporary lines and silhouettes.



5. Afrikanista & Yhebe Design

Beyoncé teamed an Afrikanista tshirt with a Yhebe Design skirt for a this chic casual look.


6. MmusoMaxwell

Beyoncé wore the contemporary women's ready to wear from the Johannesburg, South Africa brand's SS16 collection.



@Beyonce (instagram)

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